What is skyharborr?About

skyharborr is an independent game development studio making visual novels and adventure games about queer folks in strange circumstances. I write queer characters by default, because that's the life I live by default. Aside from that, every game is going to be different. I don't consciously have an overarching theme or unifying vision for these works beyond making the games I also want to play. Whether you find a message that speaks to you or are just escaping and having fun, I'm satisfied as long as you are enjoying yourself. I think our personal readings of games is part of what makes these experiences unique and entertaining. I hope that skyharborr games can give you some beautiful experiences.

— blistered/rei, lead developer


Lead: blistered/rei » scenario, art, design


Ciikos Bridge
teruki » programming, scenario, character design

Fox in the Hollyhocks (Character Design)
Gabriela Gutiérrez, Meagan Trott, Dirchansky, Saleha Chowdhury, Artist T, Alex De Lordes Araiza

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