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Screenshots of Ciikos Bridge
Screenshots of Ciikos Bridge

Ciikos Bridge

Release Date: 22 April 2016
Synopsis: For Taku, adventure comes to those who seek it! And what better source of adventure than the mysterious legends of the village elder? When Old Man Eden speaks of a way into another dimension, Taku decides to seek the truth of those words. What awaits our young adventurer on the morning of legend? Only a journey into the fog will tell!
Genre: Friendship, Adventure, Fantasy

In Development

Screenshots from FITH alpha
Hunter, the main character

Fox in the Hollyhocks

Status: Active Development
Introduction: Troubles, like flowers, start as seeds. And what else but trouble could come of encountering someone you're sure you've met, but have completely forgotten? When a series of chance of encounters bring Renard Wu into Hunter's world, he's not sure what to make of the way his life begins to change. Is there any point to uncovering a buried past? Isn't living solely in the present good enough?
Genre: Drama, Romance (BL), R-18