Ciikos Bridge~Ahnic Alternate Story~

Ciikos Bridge

Available now for Win/Mac/Linux

Story & Characters

Taku spends his days looking out for new things to explore around Bruma, the small forest village he calls home. When the village elder tells of a way to visit another world, Taku is dying to find out if it's really possible! What kind of adventure awaits Taku on the morning of Legend? Only a journey through the fog will tell!


Taku - Our Protagonist! Full of youth and curiosity!


Jinsuke - Taku's older brother: the village metalsmith.

Kamiya Shinji

Kamiya Shinji - Son of the shopkeeper of the only store in Bruma.


Tanukawa - Mister fluffy-tailed raccoon dog.

Riku and Haré

Riku & Haré - An odd pair of traveling merchants.


Ratsu - The casually naked Prince of the Fauns.

Mystery Characters

?????? - Who could these mysterious people be?



The official download for Ciikos bridge is only hosted on
Version 1.2 You may purchase the game for any amount, or download for free.


System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OS X 10.6 and up, Linux x86/x86_64
Processing Power 1.86GHz processor
Minimum Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage 90 MB
Accessibility & Content Warnings
Accessibility Ciikos Bridge uses the Ren'Py engine's self-voicing feature, which utilizes the text-to-speech features of your operating system. You can toggle this feature in-game by pressing  V  on your keyboard at any time. You can also play one-handed using a keyboard or mouse.
Content Warning This game includes a nude male character (non-sexual nudity). You can toggle his nudity on/off from the main menu. This game also includes flashing animations and instances of minors consuming alcohol.
Rating This game is not officially rated. The developer recommends this game for teens and older.
blistered/rei lead developer, story, art, scenario, design
teruki programming, scenario, character design
Full credits You can view the full credits for more information (also included in the game download).

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