Fox in the HollyhocksEpisode 1

Fox in the Hollyhocks

Story & Characters

Troubles, like flowers, start as seeds. And what else but trouble could come of encountering someone you're sure you've met, but have completely forgotten? When a series of chance of encounters bring Renard Wu into Hunter's world, he's not sure what to make of the way his life begins to change. Is there any point to uncovering a buried past? Isn't living solely in the present good enough?

Hunter Toprak

Hunter Toprak

Renard Wu

Renard Wu

Alison Gurney

Alison Gurney... and others

In the megalopolis of Altea Rosata, people flock together seeking part of the city's great prosperity. But in the shadow cast by prosperity lies a side of the city riddled with crime and destitution. People come and go, passing through and disappearing again like the wind. What other faces will Hunter meet?


Updated: 2020/09/11
Writing Currently ~135,000 words (approx. 33%)
Character Design 15 designs / 33 characters
Next Milestone New demo (ETA 2020 Q4/2021 Q1?)

About Fox in the Hollyhocks

Fox in the Hollyhocks (FITH) is part one of a three part series. The full version of the game will contain 18+ content (sexual content, violence, drugs, etc - there will be a full content warning list at the time of release). The alpha 0.1 demo is still available to download and play, but since it was originally released in 2016, it's quite different from the current state of the game. You can download the old demo on if you wish. Work on FITH is currently created and funded independently. If you would like to support development, you can buy the lead dev a coffee.

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